Razor Knife

Tungsten carbide razor knives have outstanding properties, such as durability and a clean cutting edge, though they are not as shock-resistant as steel knife.
By optimizing the ratio of Cobalt to Tungsten Carbide and the Tungsten Carbide particle size, SRC produces tungsten carbide razor knives with improved toughness (or shock resistance) and wear-resistance.

 Toughness & Shock-resistance

TC razor knives are extremely wear-resistant if chipping and breakage are avoided. With optimum TC grade selection, SRC razor knives are durability (or shock resistant) enough to operate successfully in double-wall or tri-wall board production without the inherent brittleness.


There is no single blade material that is appropriate for all the applications in the corrugated board industry. SRC offers a wide range of TC razor knives and optimizes the hardness, angle of the blade and the thickness of the knife to ensure the right mix of properties for each individual application.

High-gloss finish

To get the best performance from our TC razor knifes, it is imperative to prevent glue, oil and paper dust from sticking to the surface of the knife, because it may interfere with the periodic sharpening of the blade and the balance of the knife. In order to mitigate this undesirable effect, we adopted a high-gloss finish to the surface of the knife.

Thorough quality control

Our procedure includes cross-section microstructure tests, density tests, magnetic saturation tests, coercive force tests, bending tests, wear-resistance tests, and etc

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